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Helping you turn your Dream into a Goal and your Goal into a Reality

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My name is  Patrycja Thoulé​. I am a qualified personal development and career coach.

I started my coaching practice, in 2012 in Paris, after I obtained my diploma in Professional Coaching to Individuals and Organizations from one of France's top coaching schools, Centre Europeen de Formation au Coaching Professionnel. I chose coaching as my new career path after several years of working in human resources.

In 2015 I moved to the UK and transferred my practice to Greater London, renaming it Dream Goal Reality Coaching.


Why DREAM-GOAL-REALITY? Because I help you turn your DREAM into a GOAL and your GOAL into REALITY.


How do I do it? Through intensive coaching sessions.


Owing to my active listening and my open-mindedness you feel understood, motivated and guided straight away. My questioning is gentle yet thorough and persistant. In my work I use Neuro-linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis​ and Neuro-Semantics, among other coaching tools. I often attend training courses to obtain new skills and knowledge. Most recently I got certified as a counsellor.


I specialize in building self-esteem, stress management and career development. My clients often come to see me when they find it difficult to cope with life changes, personal and professional.


I am also a qualified teen coach. I help teenagers with low self-esteem and with peer acceptance related issues. I assist young people with professional orientation. I am DBS checked.


What a wonderful feeling it is to see my client smile, grow, find happiness and accomplishment. My values are respect, open mind and availability.


I offer free trial sessions so we can get to know each other and decide whether or not you feel like working with me on your goals.


Please remember: coaching is not about giving advice but about helping you find your own answers and solutions. And this is what I do best!





Have the global goal, but feel overwhelmed trying to make it reality? That's how I felt until I went to Patrycja. She gave me the tools I needed to make realistic smaller goals for myself while keeping the main goal in focus, and boost my self-confidence at the same time. I have achieved and am still achieving new goals thanks to her advice and support. Patrycja listens, helps you to soul search, and encourages you to reach for your dreams.

Amy Cayron


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