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March 11, 2016 ~ DreamGoalRealityCoachingblog

What do we fear most when a change in our life occurs? Why the words ‘What is it going to be like now?’ come to our mind right away?

Whether we have chosen to change or the change has happened to us, we will feel anxiety, worry, apprehension. Why is that?

We are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid to lose our bearings... READ MORE...




March 10, 2016 ~ DreamGoalRealityCoachingblog

A change occurs at one point of time, a transition describes the process of changing. We can say that it is a state, for example a childbirth would be classified as a change while becoming a mother will be more of a transition.

When you are at the origin of the change, if it is wanted, wished for, welcome, the transition will be easier to live.

Say you have decided to go to work for another company...READ MORE...



February 26, 2016 ~ DreamGoalRealityCoachingblog

WHAT CAN IT BE?  expatriation, parenthood, partnership, new job, redundancy – you name it. WHAT IMPACT CAN IT HAVE?

First things first – why have I become a life coach and why is my specialism “the management of change”

I have lived lots of changes – some of them I would classify as “revolutions”, others as simple “modifications”...READ MORE...