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Helping you turn your Dream into a Goal and your Goal into a Reality



Change management


Job change, expatriation, divorce, loss, birth - changes may be difficult to face.


Coaching will make the transition smooth and will help you to find new goals and reach them. You will be able to make the most of your new situation.­


Personal and professional project support


Build a company, change a career, take up studies - we all have dreams but aren't always sure how to make them real.


Coaching will help you to study the pros and the cons, make an educated decision and set up objectives. It will then help you to keep up your motivation until you have reached your goal.


Confidence building


If you feel not appreciated, find it difficult to stand for your rights, are unable to communicate effectively, have the feeling that "others are better"? These are signs of a lack of confidence that prevents you from being happy.


Coaching will help you to reveal your inner talents. It will help you learn to take advantage of your skills and experience to feel better about yourself and to send a new powerful image of yourself to people around you.


­Thanks to coaching you will gain confidence and learn to communicate in an assertive manner.­                                   ­­­






Boosting self-esteem


You teenage children look sad, spend a lot of time alone, never speak about school, give up on their after-school activities - these may be more than just "signs" of adolescence.


Your children may lack self-esteem and this feeling of "being worth nothing" may have a huge impact on their everyday life and school performance.


Coaching will help your children to discover their inner talents and capitalize on their past accomplishments. It will make them feel good about themselves and sort out what is important for them today and will be in the future.­

Career choice support
It often happens that teenagers either don't think about their future seriously or choose a career path that is not their own. They are influenced by parents, friends, celebrities and tend to forget about their personal interests, passions and skills.
Coaching will help your teenage children to figure out what they would like their professional life to look like, what sector appeals to them and why.


Coaching will also help them to understand what abilities and how much effort may be required to succeed in their chosen career so they are ready to take up the challenge.                                        ­­