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Helping you turn your Dream into a Goal and your Goal into a Reality




Career coaching


Looking for a new job? Thinking about a total change of career? 


Coaching will help you re-discover yourself - your needs, your priorities, your motivation, as well as your strengths, in order for you to make an educated career decision and find the job you actually want to do! 



Life coaching


Need to make a critical decision? Going through a transition period?  


Coaching will help you to see the pros and the cons of the decision, its impact on your future, allowing you to make an educated choice. It will make the transition smooth and help you to make the most of your new situation.



Confidence coaching


Do you find it difficult to stand for your rights? Are you unable to communicate effectively? Do you have the feeling that "others are better"? 


Coaching will help you to reveal your inner talents. It will help you learn how to take advantage of your skills and experience to feel better about yourself and to send a new powerful image of yourself to people around you. Thanks to coaching you will gain confidence and learn to communicate in an assertive manner.­ 



Youth coaching


Have you experienced bullying? Are you concerned about your body image? Are you anxious about your future?

Do you struggle to communicate with your family and/or teachers?


Coaching will help you to build your confidence, to make the right academic and career choices, to improve your family dynamics. Thanks to youth coaching you will feel better about yourself, you will learn how to set and achieve goals and how to manage stress and emotions.



Are you facing a difficult career decision? Are you struggling to find work-life balance? Help is just a phone call away! Call 07481 922393